Heart Teams at Community Bible Church

What is a Heart Team?
Heart Teams are volunteers who work together to encouage and support a specific missionary.

What is the purpose?
To strengthen and encourage missionaries by frequent communication, special gifts, consistent prayer and other helps.

Who are our home-based missionaries?
Tim and Toni Stirtz
Arnie and Diane Kitchener
Amber Book
Abby Kitchener
Nate and Kendra Goering
Paul Kitchener
Michenzie Motl
Jeb Flynn

How do I participate?
Select one of the missionaries listed below. Then include your name in the space provided and click the "submit" button. The Mission Committee will contact you after sign-ups are complete.

When do we begin?
Sign-ups are conducted during the Mission Festival, January 11-13, 2013. The teams are then activated in February.

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