Fall 2021 Juvenile Justice Pathway to Spring 2022 MOSAIC Internship - Permission Number Request Form
The purpose of this Fall 2021 section of CJS 310: Juvenile Justice (#13343) is to increase the mentoring ability of students wishing to enroll in CJS452MO: MOSAIC during the Spring 2022 semester. The MOSAIC class fulfills the required CJS internship and field experience course requirement. In the MOSAIC course, CSUN students mentor youth in local continuation high schools to improve mentees’ self-concept and to show them that they can have a successful future.

In my CJS 310 class this upcoming semester, students will learn about juvenile justice issues typically discussed in a standard 310 class; however, we will focus more intensively on issues related to youth development and mentorship to increase your ability to mentor MOSAIC’s youth population during the Spring 2022 semester.

If you are still interested in enrolling in Dr. Nayan Ramirez’s CJS 310 class this upcoming semester, please complete the form below to apply for a permission number. Also, please be aware that this class is extremely limited in space because it's scheduled to be taught in-person. Priority will be given to students who plan on enrolling in MOSAIC.

Please do not expect a permission number before May 1st at the earliest (or one to two weeks after you submit your request).

As a reminder, if you do not want to enroll in MOSAIC in the Spring 2022 semester, you will not be prioritized for a permission number (and will have to wait longer to hear back from me), but you may still apply.
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In at least 250 words, please describe why you are interested in participating in this class and why you would like to serve as a youth mentor. If you are not interested in MOSAIC, please write "Not interested in MOSAIC", but remember you will not be prioritized for a permission number. *
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