Equity First Alliance Support Submission
We are cannabis organizers. We work in the emerging field at the intersection of the cannabis industry, racial equity, and restorative justice.

We come from a diverse range of communities across the United States and Puerto Rico, and we demand recognition and support in a time of moral crisis in this field.

Millions of people are currently incarcerated for cannabis convictions while cannabis companies receive billion dollar valuations. In Los Angeles, the DA refuses to aid in expungement and reclassification of 200K+ people while moving forward with a $3.5 billion jail construction plan. These inequities exist all over the country.

In the face of these unfolding inequities, built upon a decades-long, racist War on Drugs, a network of organizers and advocates has been agitating for change. We do this work out of love and necessity, as city and government officials have failed to implement and fund equitable and reparative cannabis policy. We are largely unsupported by the cannabis industry and by the traditional funders of equity work.

We are confronting a multi-billion dollar industry with a demonstrable opposition to equity, justice, and repair.

We need support for our initiatives, we need it soon, and we will not rest until we receive it.

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