Victory List Prayer Request Form
Please fill out this Form to Submit a Prayer Request and a Bereavement Post. All Requests will be Prayed over by the SBC Prayer Team and added to the Sunday Morning Victory list, unless instructed otherwise. Requests must be received by 10 am on Friday to be included on the upcoming Sunday list.
All Names and Bereavements will remain on the list for 2 Weeks and then removed. If you want a Name to remain longer you will need to submit another form.
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If the deadline has passed for Sunday Morning Submission and this Request is Urgent Check below and Call 770-687-0062
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For Bereavements Please include, Deceased Name, Relation to SBC Member(s),Homegoing Arrangements (if Known) along with any other info you may want included. Only the Bereavements of immediate Family Members are Posted in REALM on the Main Page and on the Sunday Morning Victory List. Non immediate Family Members (cousins, Aunts, Uncles, etc.) may be listed in the Ministry Group you are Connected to such as (Choir, Fitness, Ushers, WOVVEN, etc.)
If Deceased is not an immediate Family Member and you would like the Bereavement Posted in the Ministry you're Connected to, list the Ministry Name (s) here.
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