Lodging and Transportation Survey
As you know, THE Spring Games is not a Stay-to-Play event. One of the reasons we are able to maintain this status is because we are able to use information provided to us by teams and fans to offset facility costs and to better support our housing partners. By providing us with this information, you are helping us support our teams and ensuring that we will continue to be able to ensure you the MOST options for housing! Thank you so much for supporting THE Spring Games and our charitable programming through PFX Athletics!

Please only complete this survey ONCE for each property or vehicle rented (meaning: if you stayed in a pool home with another couple, you do not need to both submit the survey).

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This information allows us to reach out and contact you if we have any questions. We do not provide this information to anyone for resale or other similar purposes. When we provide our reports to the local government and tourism organizations, we redact this information and only provide what you tell us in Sections 2 and 3, below.
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While we do not share your personal identification information, we do find it extraordinarily helpful to know where you are from! Our local business partners also enjoy hearing about where our teams and fans are coming from so this is a really fun piece of this survey for us! Thank you for sharing!
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