Review of Open Data for Resilience Index
Please use this form to review the Open Data for Resilience Index currently available at

We are seeking in priority feedbacks on the following use case scenarios:
* Discover the website
* Register
* Submit a dataset
* Explore countries

We are also seeking feedbacks on the following elements of methodology:
* Openness criteria
* Scoring methodology
* List of key datasets

This is a beta version of the website, some content might be still missing or need enhancement.

We value your feedbacks and commit to address all of them.

Thanks a lot!

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Discover the website
What is your first impression of the website? Is the purpose clear enough?
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Can you register as a user, complete and manage your profile?
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Submit a dataset
Can you submit a new dataset? Are the process and questions clear enough?
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Explore countries
Can you explore and access information on risk data, by country, hazard, risk category and assess whether data is open or not?
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Open data criteria
Overall, is the website helpful to understand why a dataset is considered open data or not? Are the specific openness criteria clear enough?
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Scoring methodology
Is the score given to a country useful? clear enough?
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Key datasets
Do you consider these datasets key for disaster and risk activities? Are their title and description clear and appropriate enough? The list of datasets with their description is available in the Documentation page
Not key
Key but title and/or description need to be revised
Key and title and description are ok
Digital elevation model (Base data)
Aerial imagery (Base data)
Administrative boundaries (Base data)
Topographic map (Base data)
Bathymetry (Base data)
Watershed boundaries (Base data)
Water bodies (Base data)
Soil type (Base data)
Flood hazard maps (Hazard)
Meteorological gauge data (Hazard)
Hydrological gauge data (Hazard)
Nearshore tsunami wave height (Hazard)
Storm surge gauge data (Hazard)
Flood protection measures (Hazard)
Cyclone wind speed statistics (Hazard)
Active seismic fault (Hazard)
Seismic hazard curves (Hazard)
Seismic hazard model (Hazard)
Site conditions map (Hazard)
Volcanoes (Hazard)
Hazard scenarios (Hazard)
Land Cover (Exposure)
Population (Exposure)
Economic activities (Exposure)
Buildings (Exposure)
Agricultural production (Exposure)
Critical infrastructure (Exposure)
Vulnerability curves for aggregated assets at administrative unit level (Vulnerability)
Vulnerability curves per land cover type (Vulnerability)
Vulnerability curves for critical infrastructure (Vulnerability)
Vulnerability curves for population (Vulnerability)
Vulnerability curves for economic activities (Vulnerability)
Vulnerability curves for buildings (Vulnerability)
Vulnerability curves for agricultural activities (Vulnerability)
Risk indicators from previous studies (Risk)
Further comments on Key datasets
Any further comments on the list of key datasets such as title, description or new datasets suggestion?
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Other comments
Provide here any other comments or suggestions for the website.
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