Survey for a Zero Waste Market in NW DC
Hi Neighbors,

We are interested in opening a zero waste store in NW DC and are conducting market research in support of the optimal location and the product mix that reflects the needs of the local customers.

This store will be the area's first dedicated zero waste market. Our idea is to offer a shopping experience similar to the bulk aisle at Mom’s Organic or Whole Foods, but the entire store will be dedicated to this concept.

We will stock package-less, food items for your pantry (non-perishable and non-refrigerated items), cleaning supplies for under your kitchen sink, skin care products for your bathroom, soap and shampoo for your shower shelf and other curated consumer goods that support a healthy, zero waste lifestyle lifestyle.

All products will be offered free of packaging - bring your own containers, or put a deposit on store containers. We’re excited to help our neighborhood reduce waste by offering wholesome, organic and carefully curated goods in a zero-waste store format.

We thank you for your time and welcome any thoughts and suggestions.

If interested in this concept, please follow us on Instagram @greendistrictnow.

Will & Marisa
In which neighborhood do you live?
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How often do you shop at your local neighborhood stores for food and other household items?
Is reducing your household's waste:
Have you ever used the bulk bins at a grocery store?
If available in your neighborhood, how likely are you to shop at a zero waste market for competitively priced food items, cleaning supplies, skin care products and other curated consumer goods that support a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.
How much would the below factors influence your likelihood of shopping at a zero waste market?
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Locally Sourced Items
Organic Items
Sustainable Items
Variety / Range of Items
Anything else you'd like to see for sale or any suggestions for this store concept in your neighborhood?
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Please follow our journey from idea to brick and mortar market on Instagram @greendistrictnow
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