Applications for Turn into Coders' bootcamp
Applying to the bootcamp you'll participate to the selection for the next course starting October 15th 2018.

Applications will close on 31st of July 2018.

We suggest sending the application as soon as possible, even without having completed the prerequisites, to get more chance to participate. We want to know each-other before enrolling you, so we recommend you come to Coding for Everyone (held every Monday), or if it's hard for you join we will have a talk by phone or Skype.

Italian form here:

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To attend the bootcamp you need to complete the prerequisites presented here:

When you submit your application you don't need to have completed everything, but you need to have at least created the accounts on Github, FreeCodeCamp and Codewars.

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We would like to know more about your future plans to manage better the selection of the applications and the bootcamp program.
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