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This form registers you as a user of sktime, with the sktime project.

Being a registered user has the following benefits:

- prioritized bugfixing of bugs reported by you!
- your inputs are used for roadmap prioritization
- your feedback is used for improving sktime
- this form counts as a contribution to sktime ("ideas" badge)
- you can vote, or stand for election as a user (subject to rules)

We also recommend you:

- subscribe to the sktime newsletter on LinkedIn for user and event news 
- join the sktime discord server for virtual meet-ups and developer announcements
- inform yourself about the sktime mentorship program - consider recommending this or join as mentee or mentor, see sktime mentorship program (feel free to get in touch on discord)

Disclaimer: information submitted via this form is used exclusively for the following purposes. Informing the sktime roadmap, software design, tactical improvements to the software. Record keeping for sktime administrative proceedings including backlog prioritization and voting. Following up with you in the context of these purposes via discord or email, where applicable. If a testimonial is provided and consent is given via the respective checkbox (optional, opt-in), use in public use case showcases on the sktime web presence. Information is not shared with third parties. sktime is an openly governed project with charitable purpose, and any information submitted will not be used for commercial purposes. 
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