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FixUS is a group of Americans united in shared concern over the divided state of our country. Gathering input from Americans across the country is a key part of our work as we build this movement. Your answers to three basic questions - what, why, and how - will help inform our work. Learn more about FixUS at
What are the challenges?
FixUS believes that our growing national divisions are putting our nation at risk by preventing us from dealing responsibly with a range of critical threats and challenges. We believe sustainable policy solutions will remain elusive until the nation comes together to address the underlying root causes of hyper-partisanship and public distrust.
What would you identify as top 1-3 public policy challenges, problems and/or threats that our political system is neglecting to address as a result of our hyper-partisan environment?
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Why are we so divided?
Numerous studies and polls indicate American politics may be as divided and polarized as at any time since the period following the Civil War. Polarization has been growing for several years, far pre-dating our current tumultuous political environment. FixUS wants to hear your thoughts on what has gotten us to this point.
Why do you believe our nation’s politics have become so toxic and divided? What would you say are the top 1-3 reasons that have contributed to our growing divides?
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How do we fix the system?
FixUS believes we have to address the underlying root causes of our divisions and dysfunctions. No single political or institutional reform or policy change will be sufficient. It will require a comprehensive approach along with a large and diverse constituency working to advance the necessary changes. We need your help in developing the blueprint to bridge our divides.
How can we fix our growing national divides and restore trust in our government and leaders? What are 1-3 ideas you might have to achieve a more unified and functional system ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century?
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