Beit Emanuel Mitzvah Card
I would like to play my part in strengthening the Beit Emanuel community by assisting with (please check the relevant block/s):
Security Detail
(Receive effective training from the CSO (Community Security Organisation) to help safeguard those attending events and services.)
Hachnasat Orchim
(Also known as ‘meet and greet’. Welcoming strangers and offering hospitality at events and services.)
Shamas Team
(Help ensure the smooth running of services and allocate Aliyot and other honours.)
Management Committee (Mancom)
(Although elections are held annually, you can volunteer to be co-opted onto Mancom at any stage.)
Jewish Identity (Religious Practices)
(Help organize the structure of services, learning curricula, etc. Usually referred to as the ‘Ritual Committee’.)
Care Committee (Kehilla)
(Including the Mitzvot of Bikkur Cholim (visiting the sick) and comforting/assisting the bereaved.)
Events and Fundraising
(Help organise community and fundraising events.)
Catering Committee
(Assisting with the Friday evening and Saturday morning Kiddushim, and catering for other events and services.)
Other (Please specify)
(Volunteer your experience, skills or time in any other capacity.)
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