FULL EVOLUTION Trial Gamer Survey
Thanks for doing this. We're trying to make this the best possible game for gamers like you.

Please take a look at this video below before you start:

When you receive your Starter Pack of VanchCards please do the following:

1) Open the pack
2) Try to add your ID card and VanchCards to your account
3) Play 1P (player vs environment)
4) Play 2P (you and your friend both scan in ID card and play on one device)

1/8- How old are you? *
2/8- Gender *
3/8- Which of these trading games do you play regularly? (you can choose multiples) *
4/8- Which device do you use mostly to play digital games? (select multiple if needed) *
5/8- Take your favourite card trading game, how many cards do you have in total? *
6/8- Where do you buy your cards mostly? *
7/8- Do you trade a lot of cards with friends/hobbiests? *
8/8- Where do you hear about new games? (check multiples if needed) *
Any other places you buy?
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