Application to be an OPA Expert
Thanks so much for your interest in the Open Post Academics Program. This application is designed to get some information about you so that we can share your contact information with our participants for potential informational interviews. We're calling folks that fill this out our Expert Pool.

If you fill this form out, you are opting in to having your contact information shared in a private GoogleDoc with the first cohort of OPA Participants. This is a pilot program and is provided without cost to the first cohort. All of our mentors and experts will be volunteering their time.

Criteria for being an expert is:
Have a PhD or have worked closely with PhDs or within an academic system.
Familiar with the academic mindset and the challenges of leaving academia.
Supportive of the open web and a healthy internet.
Willing to be contacted for informational interviews by people within the OPA program.
Willing to listen, support others and share resources as well as to abide by the Code of Conduct

You are free to accept or reject any request for an informational interview from a participant in the program. We understand you're busy.

Thank you for your willingness to support Open Post Acs!

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List between 5 and 10 keywords that describe the skills, industries or topic areas that you feel confident you could talk with a participant on.
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What advice would you give someone who is leaving academia?
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May we share your advice publicly with attribution?
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