Canterbury Entertainer Application
Thank you For you Application to the Canterbury Renaissance faire. Please remember that our biggest goal is to give the best possible immersive experience to our Patrons and we request that you do you best to make your space and personal garb appear appropriate to a setting of Renaissance England (1550-1600).

Applications are due June 1st 2019, Sooner is better then later, we will fill slots as acceptable applications are received.

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Do you request compensation for your entertainment services? (Busking is always allowed.) Must be open to Negotiation (Booth space or merchandise for salemay be taken into account during negotiations). Payment above $599 will require a W-9 Form. *
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Where do you perform? (select all that apply)
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Stages and guild yards
Stages are provided, if you want your own stage area and will use it consistently, Please let us know how much space you need. Spaces may or may not be possible. We can offer some smaller spaces for storage on the hill if needed.
Do you require your own performance space? Space needs to be occupied and active during all show hours and must be decorated appropriately. Larger areas will effect payment negotiations.
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X Rated, Adults only.
What Type of Performer are you? A guild is a group that does it's performances in it's own space, rather then on a stage. *
Will you be selling merchandise as well as perforing?
Please review the State Fire Marshall Guidelines,

The Undersigned hereby agree to hold harmless Canterbury Renaissance Faire and Whitewind Productions LLC, Whitewind Woodland LLC and any staff there of of any person involved with the Canterbury Renaissance Faire Held in July of 2019 for any and all damaged to persons and property resulting from acts of God, theft, vandals or For injury or medical emergency. Further the above person, groups and organizations shall be held harmless for any cause of action, claim, petition filed in any court, or administrative tribunal arising out of said event, including all costs, attorney's fees, judgments or awards

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