Ashura Iftar at ICNYU 2019

What: Ashura Iftar
When: Tuesday, September 10 2019 at 7PM
Where: Rosenthal, 10th Floor

Ashura marks the tenth day of Muharram - the first month of the Islamic Calendar. Join the Islamic Center for iftar on this holy night.

The Day of 'Ashura has great virtue, and tremendous sanctity (hurma). Fasting on this day is a virtue and was known among the Prophets (peace be upon them all). Both Prophet Nuh and Prophet Musa fasted it. The Prophet (pbuh) used to fast this day even in Mecca, though he had not yet ordered others to do so, as mentioned in both Bukhari and Muslim. [Bukhari (2002), Muslim (1125)]. When he migrated to Medina, and found the People of the Book fasting this day and venerating it, he ordered the Muslims to fast it, and encouraged it so much that even the children would fast it. At the end of his life, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) made the determination not to fast this day alone, but with another day [either before or after it], in order to distinguish from the People of the Book.

Note to continue with our Green Initiative, this program will be cup-free, so please bring your own water bottle.

This program is open to the public and is free. The total costs will be around $3,500 inclusive of all expenses. Our center runs solely on donations and any amount is greatly appreciated. To make a tax-deductible contribution, please click below and select the Islamic Center fund.

A government issued photo ID will be needed to sign into the building.
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