Teacher Evaluation Form(8th Semester BS Math Fall-2015)
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Use the scale to answer the following Questions below and make comments
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1. The instructor is prepared for each Class *
2. The instructor demonstrates knowledge of the subject. *
3. The instructor has completed the whole course. *
4. The instructor provides additional material apart from the textbook *
5. The instructor gives citations regarding current situations with refernce to pakistani context. *
6. The instructor comunicates the subject matter effectively. *
7. The instructor show respect towards students and encouarges class participation.
8. The instructor maintains an enviorment that is conductive to learning. *
9. The instructor arrives on time. *
10. The instructor leaves on times. *
11. The instructor is fair in examination. *
12. The instructor returns the graded scripts etc is a reasonable amount of time. *
13. The instructor was available during the specified office hours and for after class consultations. *
14. The subject matter presented in the course has increased your knowledge of the subject. *
15. The syllabus clearly states course objectives requirements procedures and grading criteria. *
16. The course integrates theroetical course concepts with real world applications. *
17. The assignments and exams covered the material presented in the course. *
18. The course material is modern and updated. *
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