Entrepinays Community Covid-19 Support
We know that times are tough right now, and we want to do what we can to support our fellow Entrepinays! This form is for self-identified pinay small businesses, artists, or creatives who are looking to sell online services or products or host virtual workshops/meetups. For example:

- Pinays who prepared inventory to sell at events but those events got canceled
- Pinay artists or creatives who are doing online classes/workshops/meetups etc
- Restaurants who are selling gift cards online or doing To Go/Delivery
- And any other pinays who have online services/products to sell

DEADLINE: We'll be posting the blog on Friday March 20th so try to get your info in by Friday 5PM PT, but we'll continue to keep the list updated as entries come in.
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In 2-4 sentences, tell us about your company and the product being offered, gift cards, or class/meetup you're going to be hosting.
Leave as many details as possible. If it's a workshop, include a link to the event so people can join!
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List the price range for items/services you're offering. If it's free, you can just write FREE.
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