ERMB Parents Assoc. Graduating Senior Scholarship Application

Must be a student that has been in or still is in the East Ramapo Marching Band, for 3 or more years. He or she must be a graduating senior from either Ramapo or Spring Valley High Schools, and furthering his or her education academically or vocationally. He or she must have demonstrated maturity and have musical and leadership skills that has been, and/or continues to be, enhancing the East Ramapo Marching Band.
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Student Email? *
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High School Attending Currently? *
Month and Year of High School Graduation? *
What years were you active in East Ramapo Marching Band? *
List months and years of service. At least 3 years of service is required. Explain all interruptions of service.
Were you in field, pit, color guard, or crew? *
Also list instruments played. Field are marching musicians and drum majors, pit are non-marching positions. Crew load/unload truck or other background tasks.
Explain your leadership roles and month and year in those role(s). *
Examples: Drum major, President, Section Leader etc.
How do plan to further your education academically or vocationally? *
Examples: What college(s) you plan to attend, what colleges/vocational school accepted into. Explain goals briefly.
How did you (and may be doing so now) enhance the ERMB? *
Explain how you enhance the reputation, and show support for the marching band.
Why do you feel you should receive this Scholarship? *
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