SMC Financial Aid Application
The mission of San Mateo County FC (SAL) is to utilize the sport of soccer as a vehicle through which to promote academic excellence, healthy choices, youth leadership and community involvement amongst youth in San Mateo County. The following outlines our Financial Assistance Policy:

1. The San Mateo County FC maintains a Financial Assistance Fund to support players who may need financial aid due to low income or financial hardship. The Financial Assistance Fund is supported by donations made by the San Mateo County community, FC SMC Fundraisers, and may also be supplemented on a limited basis through the SMC FC budget, as necessary.

2. The Financial Operations Committee will administer the financial assistance awards under the direction of the SMC FC Steering Committee. Award amounts are based on documented financial needs of the applying family and are directly dependent on the amount of funds available each season.

3. Eligibility for financial assistance will be granted based on criteria set by the Financial Operations Committee, under the direction of the SMC FC Steering Committee. To be eligible for financial assistance, all applicants agree to participate in team practices, games, and all other team activities. Players must maintain good academic standing. Players and families are expected to give back to their community and should be available to assist with volunteer duties as necessary.

4. Any awards granted are intended to cover only a portion of fees due. The family is expected to pay all remaining fees due to their team as outlined in the SMC FC Parent Contract. Players with outstanding balances from previous seasons are not eligible for Financial Assistance.

5. Financial assistance is granted annually. A new application must be submitted each Fall season with grades resubmitted in Spring. It is not assumed that a player qualifying in one year qualifies for each subsequent request.

6. All applicants must fill out the Financial Assistance Request Form and provide all supporting documentation*. Each applicant is required to submit the following:

 a Fully completed financial assistance request form;
 2017 Federal Tax Form 1040 (pgs. 1 and 2) and Schedule C (if applicable) for both parents;
 Recent (last 2) copies of paystubs for all working adults in the household or letter from your employer(s) on
company letterhead stating your monthly gross income
 Copies of any supporting documentation listed in the annual salary line items
 Verification of income form for both parents
 Community Service Contract
 Copy of most recent report card for each player applying
 Any other information that might help the Financial Operations Committee understand your need.
*Note that any request that does not have these forms attached will not be considered or accepted.

7. Applications received after the due date will not be guaranteed consideration. Late applications will only be evaluated and awards granted if funds are available.

8. All data submitted is confidential and is only available to the Financial Operations Committee, SMC FC Treasurer and used solely to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

9. The Financial Operations Committee reserves the right to cancel financial assistance arrangements at any time through written notification.

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