Septic System Drawing Request
Forsyth County Georgia
Please enter as much information as possible. If you have not been contacted within 72 hours, please call us at 770-781-6909. Please do not request a drawing here if you have already called our office.
Enter the numerical part of the address of the property you want the septic tank drawing. *
Like, 475 for the address of 475 Tribble Gap Rd.
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Enter the name of the road for the property you want the septic drawing. *
Like, Tribble Gap Rd for the address 475 Tribble Gap Rd.
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If the property is in a subdivision, enter the name of the subdivision.
Such as, Lake Forest
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Enter the lot number in the subdivision if known.
Such as, 120. Not the land lot number. Can usually be found on the tax assessors web site.
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Enter the original owner's name if known.
This would be the first person who owned the home, not any one after that.
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If we can find the drawing how would you like to receive it? You can pick it up, we can fax it to you or we can email it to you. *
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