Bellingham Music- Private Lesson Registration 2019-2020
Private lessons are an important part of a young musician's development. As a student progresses through middle school and into high school band, the demands on the student musician become greater as the music becomes more complex. Having a private teacher to turn to with questions and to closely monitor the continued growth of the young musician is highly beneficial and important.

We ask that ALL students interested in taking private lessons, or currently taking lessons, register through this form. This helps us track how many students are taking lessons and with what teachers. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEP. 6, 2019.

The Bellingham Friends of Music (BFOM) is offering scholarships to music students at Bellingham Memorial School (BMS) and Bellingham High School (BHS) to help defray the costs of private or small group lesson instruction.

Students may take lessons in the district (coordinated through the Bellingham music staff) or through a teacher outside of the district (coordinated by the individual student/family). Both options are eligible for a BFOM scholarship. STUDENTS MUST REGISTER REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY TAKE LESSONS OR IF THEY NEED A SCHOLARSHIP OR NOT. Lesson rates typically vary between $18 and $25 per half-hour lesson depending on the teacher.

** Students are welcome to take lessons on multiple instruments, but scholarships will only be awarded for lessons on the primary instrument that is played in a Bellingham Music ensemble. (ex: student gets a scholarship for their primary instrument on flute, but decides to take guitar lessons and pays for them separately). If your student would like to take lessons on multiple instruments, please complete the form and register for each instrument.

Family Information
Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Student's Grade (for Fall 2018) *
Student's Cellphone (if applicable)
Student's Instrument *
Ensembles student plans to participate in *
Parent/Guardian First Name *
Parent/Guardian Last Name *
Parent/Guardian Email *
Parent/Guardian Phone Number *
Background Information
Have your student taken private lessons in previous years?
Clear selection
If yes, please tell us the instrument(s)/voice studied in private lessons.
If yes, please tell us the name of the teacher.
If known, please put your teacher's private lesson rate PER 30-MINUTE LESSON.
ex: $25
Scheduling Information
Do you plan on taking lessons outside of the district? *
If so, and if you are selected for a scholarship, you will need to provide the BFOM with proof of lesson attendance. Lesson log, email from parents, etc.
Please indicate DAYS (Monday-Friday) and TIMES when your student CANNOT take private lessons. *
Lessons will be scheduled with both teacher and student availability in mind.
I am able to attend regular, weekly music lessons. *
I am able to walk or get a ride to BHS or BMS for my lesson on a weekly basis. Some lessons would be early enough for late buses, but those are limited to certain teachers/instruments. *
My family and I will be responsible for notifying my private lesson teacher when I am sick or unable to attend my lesson. *
Financial Information
Private lessons for the school year costs approximately $600 (averaging six lessons per quarter). If your student is awarded a scholarship, lesson payments will be adjusted accordingly.

Example lesson cost breakdown:
6 lessons (30 minutes each) per quarter = 12 lessons per term (Fall and Spring) for a total of 24 lessons in one school year.
At $25 per lesson, 24 lessons would total $600 for the year.
30 minutes = 1 lesson. 60 minutes = 2 lessons.
Please indicate your preferred payment schedule. *
Scholarship Application
Scholarship details:
* BFOM half-scholarships awarded up to $300 toward private lessons
* BFOM quarter-scholarships awarded up to $150 toward private lessons
* Scholarship amounts will be adjusted to reflect the teacher’s rate
* Scholarship amounts, lesson schedules, and payment amounts will be announced during the first week of school, with the anticipation that lessons will start during the week of Sept. 16, 2019

In return, the student and his/her family is expected to:
* Pay the BFOM up-front for 24 lessons, either Paid in Full by Oct. 11, 2019, or the Installment Plan of 4 equal payments, due before each quarter.
* Be fully enrolled in the band/chorus program and have regular attendance at all in-school lessons and rehearsals.
* Students and/or a family member assist at two events throughout the school year, or serve a position on the board of the Friends of Music.
* Be prepared for and attend weekly private lessons on a regular basis
* Demonstrate a willingness to attend all private lesson sessions for the semester. There is one make-up lesson for each semester. Unexcused/No-Show lessons will NOT be supplemented (Recipients agree to pay the full price for unexcused absences).
* Be in good academic standing.

If you are interested in a BFOM private lesson scholarship, please complete the application below. Most lessons will occur at BMMS or BHS, but other arrangements can be made to have lessons at an alternate location (the instructor's home, a music store, etc.) Please contact Mrs. Blakely, if you have any questions.
Is your registration for private lessons dependent on a BFOM scholarship? *
In other words, if your student does not receive a half scholarship, you would not be able to register for lessons.
STUDENT RESPONSE: Briefly explain why you are interested in private music lessons and why you think you deserve a scholarship. *
I am an excellent candidate for a lesson scholarship because I want to take music lessons in addition to my regular band/chorus ensemble class. *
Are you interested in trying out or switching to any of the following instruments? *
By checking this box below, I agree to help out at at least two Bellingham Music events or participate in the Bellingham Friends of Music during the 2019-2020 school year, if my student is selected for a scholarship. *
Please select your contribution option: *
If you said that you would help out at two Bellingham music events, please select which events you are able to support.
Registration Confirmation
By checking this box below, I confirm that I am aware my student would like to register for private music lessons. I understand that some scholarship funds are available through the BFOM but are not guaranteed to all families. I understand that private lessons are a commitment of time and resources and that I will help my student be respectful of lesson teacher's schedule and time. *
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