Anthro East Coast 2019 Dance Competition - Registration
Official Sign-Up Form for the Dance Competition! *THE FORM WILL CLOSE JULY 31ST*
There will be a form send out to all participants via email to gather more details about your performance.
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What level would you rank your dance experience at? *
We ask this for statistic purposes! Your dance experience will not effect how you will be judged (if you choose to be)
If you selected Option #5, what convention/event did you win/place in a dance competition?
Also please include the year(s) and state if you'd like us to include it when introducing you!
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Will you be dancing in suit, or out of suit? *
Please note, if you wish to be apart of the competition/critqued; those in suit will have bonus points added due to limitations
Would you like to receive critique from the judges after your performance? *
By selecting no, you will be registered in the dance competition as a 'showcase' entry, and are not eligible for prizes. Judging Criteria:
Do you have anything you want to inform the judges about? Health risks, limitations, concerns etc!
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