Request for Proposal
Hi there!
Thanks for your interest in my services. I wouldn't want to waste your time, so before we proceed I would like to tell you right away that I do not accept just any project.

I am not interested in:

Blogs: travel blogs, self-help blogs, marketing blogs, coaching blogs. I prefer to business websites and online stores.

Modifying commercial templates. But tell you what, freelancing sites are full of web designers who can do this at a cheaper price than I would charge you.

Joomla and Magento sites. I haven't used those for a long time and I am far more proficient with WordPress now.

Landing pages or SEO work only, no web design involved. Although I create sites that are SEO friendly, I leave the actual search optimization work and online marketing to SEO experts.

Full-time office work. I am happier with freelancing.

Porn site, pharmaceutical websites, get-rich-quick sites and any dubious money-making sites.

If the project you would like to discuss are none of those I listed above, please click the button below to proceed.

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