Festival Vision: 2025 UK Event Industry Green Survey 2018
In 2015, Powerful Thinking, with the AIF and AFO conducted The Green Manifesto survey of UK Festivals, asking what sustainability practices festivals have in place and about their aspirations and priorities. The information significantly contributed to the Show Must Go On report (2015) and the launch of Festival Vision: 2025, a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry. In 2016 and 2017 the survey was repeated to track progress and now three years on, with 75 UK festivals having taken the Festival Vision: 2025 pledge, we want to find out, and report back, how we are doing as an industry and identify what more we can do to support positive changes.

Please take a moment to complete this survey — all participants will be entered into a raffle to win a free delegate place for the Green Events & Innovations Conference on Tuesday 5th March 2019 at the ILMC.

Please complete the survey by 21st December. The winner will be announced in January 2019.


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Energy Focus: We are particularly interested in energy, as this is where many festivals are seeing results and cost savings. *
Please tell us if you do any of the following
If you source biofuel, could you tell us What % of your fuel is biofuel?
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What is your criteria is for choosing biofuel suppliers?
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If you feel happy to share, who you source your biofuel from?
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Travel Focus: With travel making up 80% of the average CO2 footprint at UK festivals we are interested in the initiatives that you have in place. Please let us know if you do the following: *
Do you communicate about travelling sustainably with any of the below? *
After reducing festival-related travel emissions as much as possible would you consider offering carbon balancing to your audience for their travel along with their ticket? If not, please tell us why: *
Waste Focus: In regards to waste management please list your current practices: *
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What areas of sustainability do you most wish to address?
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Water use
Energy use
Managing Waste
Food sourcing
Serveware & cups
Travel & transport impacts
Overall carbon emissions
Sustainable communications
Are there any specific environmental issues that you are finding hard to tackle?
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What are your main frustrations/barriers to improving sustainability? *
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Have you read the following resources on event sustainability? *
To help us to track our collective progress in reducing environmental impacts, we need data! You can use the free Creative IG Tool online to measure your event's carbon (CO2e). *
Please tell us if you are interested in doing this (it only takes about half an hour!)
If you DO NOT intend to use the Creative IG Tool please tell us why
Note: The key bits of information you need are fuel use (litres), waste figures (tonnes), gas use (Kg) and water use (m3).
What support do you think would most help you to implement more sustainable approaches? *
Please choose ONE from the list below
If you have already signed up to Festival Vision:2025 has it inspired or encouraged you to take action in any way?
Thanks for taking the Powerful Thinking Industry Green Survey 2018. We will be in touch with results and details of the winner of the Greener Events and Innovations Conference 2019 ticket in Jan 2019.
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