Babies With Books NICU Read-a-thon Registration: Sept 11-21, 2023
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Join us this Sept 11-21, 2023 in the fourth annual Babies With Books Read-a-thon to support NICU families and celebrate shared reading!
The BWB Read-a-thon is a friendly reading competition between NICUs to encourage reading with babies in the NICU for its many benefits to babies and families. This read-a-thon (Sept 11-21, 2023) builds on last September’s event in which 154 NICUs listed here participated and there were a total of 31,879 reading sessions over the 11 day period.

There is no cost to joining this NICU read-a-thon and hospitals that cannot provide books to their families can still participate! BWB will provide you with information and suggestions that make hosting a read-a-thon easy, fun, and successful. Participating hospitals receive BWB's read-a-thon process guide with step-by-step guidelines for organizing and implementing the read-a-thon. Our guide includes materials and resources such as:
Family information on how and why to read in the NICU
Healthcare Provider information on NICU reading rationale
Suggestions for engaging families and healthcare providers in read-a-thon
Templated materials to promote read-a-thon
Templated reading tracking sheets
​Templated data collection sheets
Books lists in multiple languages, including easy access to free, online books

For more information on the host organization, visit
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