Greene Science Fair Registration Form (2019)

Welcome! We're really glad to have you join us.
Have you joined the Schoology Science Fair Group? *
Go to Schoology and search in groups for, " Greene Science, Engineering, and technology fair" We use Schoology to post Science Fair news and announcements. If you haven't joined yet, do it now. Then come back to the registration form.
Are you working alone (recommended) or with a partner? *
Working alone is recommended, but teams of two are allowed.
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Grade *
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Project Type *
Experiments are recommended, though not required.
In which category is your project: *
Project Title *
If you are working with a partner, both students must register separately, and the project title should be EXACTLY the same on both forms.
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I have read the Greene Science Fair Ground Rules and I am aware that my project must comply with safety and ethics rules, and be approved by my science teacher, or it will not be permitted at the Fair. *
See Science Fair/Ground Rules
Safety: List any potentially dangerous chemicals, energy sources or procedures that you will use.
Research involving potentially dangerous chemicals, equipment or energy sources must be reported on the registration form along with details of how you will conduct your research safely. This information will be emailed to your parent and teacher for assessment and approval. Your parent or teacher may require revisions to your plan, so please be responsible and accountable. Students are not permitted to conduct their experiment until both parents and science teachers have given their consent. Parents are responsible for ensuring that a responsible adult will supervise you in this part of your work.
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Safety: Describe how you will handle these materials or do this project safely.
See Science Fair/Ground Rules for an example.
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Ethics: Describe how humans or animals will be used in your research.
Human and animal research is not allowed if it would harm the subjects in any way.
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Is this your first year participating in Greene's Science Fair? *
Are you interested in participating at the next level. The 2020 Synopsys Championship? *
Would you like your project to be evaluated during your science class or in the evening on Tuesday the 12th of November or
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What is your parents' preferred method of communication for the Science Fair? *
Would your parents like to be a volunteer project evaluator *
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