Midwives College of Utah Admissions Director Application Questionnaire
Please review the Position Description for more information about MCU and the requirements for this position: http://bit.ly/2Ulsa9R
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In no more than a couple of paragraphs, please describe your knowledge of higher education admissions and retention methodologies, concepts, and principles for a diverse population. *
Please describe your experience with record keeping as it relates to federal regulations and accreditation standards. *
Please describe your understanding of, experience with, and/or training in social justice, equity, and anti-oppression. *
In your opinion, what are the biggest barriers or challenges facing aspiring midwifery students, particularly for students of color and other students from non-dominant communities? Include in your answer, your understanding and/or experience with the lifestyle demands and expectations of a midwifery student and of a practicing midwife and how this could be different/worse for a student from a non-dominant community. *
As an MCU staff member, describe some of the ways you would foster relationships with other persons you would be working with including students and faculty. Are there any unique considerations or strategies you use when working in cross-cultural and cross-racial relationships? *
Please upload a .pdf of your cover letter and resume or curriculum vitae. If you do not have a Gmail account and cannot upload the .pdf, please email directly to staffHRCoordinator@midwifery.edu
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