AccessibilUT 2.0: Community Statement on Students with Disabilities Testimonial Form
UT SG and DIA are releasing a community statement on how UT's response to COVID has significantly decreased accessibility on campus for those with disabilities and underlying health conditions. The UT Student Government hopes to bring awareness to this issue with this statement and campaign in order to

Please feel free to voice your opinions, concerns, and thoughts. These responses will be included in the statement as student/faculty testimonials. Not all the questions are required to be answered. But please feel free to answer as many as possible so that we can better advocate on your behalf.
What are your thoughts on UT's COVID response in regards to your health in particular? Explain why do you not feel comfortable coming back to campus?
Were your accommodations specifically met by UT once COVID began? Please be as specific as possible and you are welcome to recount any instances that support your views.
What suggestions do you have for the UT administration? This is specifically referencing policy changes.
If you have a flexible attendance policy, how has the online structure of college impacted your attendance? Has UT been accommodative in granting you flexible attendance to classes?
Has SSD worked with you in representing your needs and accommodations with your professors? Is there something that they could change to help better serve your needs? Please be as specific as possible. The stronger evidence you provide the better we can advocate on your behalf throughout the petition.
How have the accommodations provided by SSD impacted your grades with the online/ hybrid structure of classes? What is your stance about the opt-in pass or fail policy?
If you feel comfortable with displaying your name by your testimonial, please fill out these last three questions. If not, your response will be shared as an anonymous testimonial. Thank you!
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