2019 Service Hours Submission Form
Please fill out one form for each activity that you perform.
E.g. Reffed then worked a recruitment event? Great, gold star for you!
Be sure to fill this out one time for the Ref hours and another time for the Recruitment hours! If they have to be approved by two different people, that's your clue.
Don't lump... nobody likes lumpy gravy.
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How many service hours did you do? *
Use numerals only, please! ("2" not "two")
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When did you do them? *
Remember: Hours submitted over two weeks after the fact will not be approved
Where did you do them? What did you do? *
We need to know what we're giving hours for! Get specific with words like "Flat" or "Banked" or "Skin Suits"
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Who Can Approve These Hours For You? *
Before beginning any service hours project, always make sure that a Committee Head or approved Subcommittee Head knows what you're up to!
Thanks so much for your help!! Is there anything else we should know?
AKA: Insert Cat Facts and Gratitude here
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