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Zamphyr XYZ is an exploratory internship program, an opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary open source startup set out to change education technology and education models as we know them. You will be working on open and free technologies in education, improving our platform and spreading the vision of universal educational change to people and developer communities.

This internship is an unpaid, remote (you work from home or wherever you like), project-based program, lasting 3 months (up to 6 months if required by accepted interns). Start dates are fluid as we accept applications on a rolling basis. Accepted interns work part-time (20 hrs/week) on projects or initiatives with mentors. Internship is remote and we give each intern an important part of the ecosystem through the project. The program is international and a great opportunity to meet new friends from all around the world. We use Slack, Zoom, Gitlab, Trello and Google Docs for the best remote workflow.

Our capacity for this program is very limited, and it is most likely that we will pick only one candidate for each position offered. Applicants will be evaluated for their past achievements, skill, depth of knowledge and culture fit.

You can read about previous intern experiences:

Acceptances (*and only acceptances*) will be sent to the e-mail applicants provide.

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Tell us about formal and informal education, anything you mention gives us better insight.
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You can upload your CV if you have one ready. This is not mandatory, but sometimes it helps us understand you better.
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If you're a nomad or have two or more residencies write the one you spend the most time at.
What motivates you to apply for an internship at Zamphyr? *
We want to know why you want to be a part of Zamphyr. Please make it clear on how the internship with us benefits you.
What are you expectations from the internship itself? *
Write about things you're hoping to achieve, plans on personal growth and expectations you might have from us.
If you found yourself in a quiet period with the team, what would you do? *
Which role would you like to apply for? *
We're building a team of future makers. Not all positions are technical. Learn more about individual positions in the programme at
Which languages do you speak and understand well? *
We thrive on diversity. Our ability to share our vision with the world is what sets us apart from the rest. Our core team are native speakers of Serbian. What about you?
Are you available to help develop language specific features using your language skills?
We sometimes fork our experiments to target specific countries or cultures and languages. In diversity, language is quite often the biggest obstacle and we could use your help to make this effort valuable to your local communities.
How many hours a week are you able to commit to the internship? *
Our team relies on availability and good communication. We're looking for commitment and we'll count on your time. Tell us how many hours a week you can commit to this internship.
Are you willing to rearrange your time to suit internship demands? *
Are you ready to commit to participating in our program exclusively for the next 3 months? We can't stress enough how important dedication is, especially in a remote company. Dedication and commitment are essential to success your internship and your learning.
Star Trek or Star Wars or Silicon Valley? *
There can be only one. Dial the gate. Fezzes Are Cool. 42.
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