2017 Non-Profit Application | Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square
NOTICE: Participants in the 2017 J.H. Farmers Market on Town Square may NOT APPLY for this 2017 market season.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: form must be completed and submitted by 5:00pm on May 31, 2017. You may edit your responses following submission.

Name of Organization *
Please list the full name of the organization applying
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Primary Contact's Name *
Please name the primary contact to act on behalf of the applying Non-Profit Organization. This person will be contacted directly by representatives of JHFMTS.
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Primary Contact's Telephone # *
List Primary Contact's direct phone # (accessible on Saturdays)
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Primary Contact's E-mail *
Please list the Primary Contact's preferred email address which JHFMTS may direct all event correspondence.
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Organization's Website address
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Organization's Mission Statement *
Please describe below.
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When was your organization established? *
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What are some examples of accomplishments your organization has achieved on the local level? *
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What are the organization's goals for participating in one of the Jackson Hole Farmers Markets on the Town Square in 2017? *
Some examples may include: Promotional, Exposure, Funding, Public Education, etc.
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How do you plan to advertise and promote your Saturday as Non-Profit of the Week? *
Each accepted Non-Profit is asked to promote and/or advertise their Saturday Market in which they are participating. A copy of the items listed below are to also to be submitted to the JHFMTS Board of Directors by May 31, 2017.
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What do you propose including at your organization's booth at the Saturday Market on the Town Square? *
Please list what displays, educational information and/or activities you propose providing, if selected? The more interactive, the better!
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Please select your three preferred dates in 2017 to participate as the Non-Profit of the Week: *
Although we do our best to accommodate each organization's scheduling preference, these dates are not guaranteed.
Each Non-profit selected to participate this year is to attend their assigned Market Date as well as the Community Fall Festival on held on the Town Square September 23, 2017. *
By accepting the following you agree to attend the (2) events described above.
Please explain your preferred date(s) for further consideration, if necessary.
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Please select any Saturday market dates that your organization CANNOT attend. *
Check all that apply.
By submitting this application you acknowledge and agree to the following commitments as a participating JHFM Non-Profit of the Week:
Make sure that you read and select all items which are required by the JHFMTS Board of Directors in consideration of your application.
It is the participating organization's responsibility to have their BOOTH set up and ready by Market Opening at 8:00am. Upon Close at 12:00pm, `booth will be broken down and our space cleared by 12:30pm. *
Please accept to providing the following items at your booth, if selected this year.
No sale of any goods or merchandise is permitted at Non-Profit booths. *
By accepting donation funding from the Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square, you agree to submit a brief report outlining how funds were used. This report should be submitted to the JHFMTS Board of Directors by December 31, 2017. *
Documentation is required for tax purposes.
Farmers and Vendors donate 10% of their gross sales to the participating Non-Profit of the Week. Donations are accepted by JHFM personnel and presented each Non-Profit at the Community Fall Festival on September 23, 2017. An organization member is required to commit to receiving the donation on behalf of the organization. *
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