BastilleBSD User Survey
Bastille wouldn't exist without our community. This survey helps us understand who that community is and how our project is being used. The results of this survey will help prioritize platform compatibility and gather feedback regarding what we're doing well and where we can improve.

Feedback from this survey is anonymous.
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How did you first discover Bastille? *
Do you use Bastille at work or at home? *
If you use Bastille at work can you share the company name? (optional)
If you use Bastille at work would you be interested in paid support? (optional)
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On which host platform(s) do you use Bastille? *
How do you normally install Bastille? *
Which release(s) do you use to create Bastille containers / jails? *
Which type of containers do you most often create? *
I use Bastille on this type of server(s): *
Would you like to see us consolidate the template repositories and distribute templates more like the FreeBSD ports tree?
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Which social network(s) would help you track Bastille news and development? *
Have you heard of our new project: Rocinante? *
Can you share what you like most about Bastille? *
Would you like to see anything changed in Bastille? Any annoyances? *
What time zone are you in / where are you located? (optional)
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