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List the student learning outcomes for this course
List three to five common, measurable outcomes that is expected from every student who completes this class.
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Requirements for successful completion of this course
What is the minimum required for the student to successfully complete the course. Include any special considerations here, like: Must attempt all assignments. Must pass all essays and proficiency. Must complete all required modules, etc.
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Is this course related to an industry based credential (IBC) that students may obtain?
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Required activities
List any activities that must be included in the course. These acitivities, readings, projects, etc, must be part of the course instruction with any instructor who teaches the course
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Suggested activities
List activities, readings, experiences, projects, etc. that may be included in the course to enhance student learning
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Grading scale and any special policy
List the grading scale for this course and any special considerations that are required by the program, department or college for this course (Students must achieve 80% or better to pass. This course is a pass/ fail course. This course is graded on a ten point scale-90-100+A, etc.) If the instructor has discretion in grading scale, indicate that the course follows the college A, B, C, D or F scale as listed in the catalog.
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Attendance policy
List any attendance policy for this class that is required by the program or department. If the attendance policy is determined by the instructor, indicate that below. Special policies for practicum or other field -based expereinces should be listed here.
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Attendance policy for online instruction
Describe any special attendance requirements for online instruction here. This should include requirements for in-person testing and requirements for frequency of online log ins or responses. If this policy is determined by individual instructors, indicate that here. A sample policy may be included here.
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Policy on Academic Honesty
Indicate any program or departmental policy that addresses academic honesty, plagiarism or cheating. Please indicate a suggested policy if there is no specific program or department policy provided. Indicate that it is suggested and instructors may modify it. Policies and suggested policies should include information about consequences for violators.
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Dress, safety or uniform requirements for this course
List any specific requirements as related to clothing or safety equipment for this course: Nunez scrubs, culinary uniform, closed-toed shoes, gloves, eye protection, professional dress for externship, etc
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American with Disabilities Act
Please check the box below indicating that this policy must appear on this course syllabus.
Additional Program or Department Requirement and/or Policies
Please describe any additional department requirement or policy not addressed here or indicate where this information is accessible.
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Does this course appear on the La Board of Regents Transfer Matrix?
If yes, List the Louisiana Common Course Prefix and number
ex.CMAT1203, CBIO 1033. Course prefixes and numbers can be found at the BOR website and are included in the Nunez catalog description
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