Treble Choir 2017-20178
The Music Studio of Patricia Keith
Welcome to the Third Season of Treble Choir!

Treble Choir is a regional children's chorus comprised of the most talented, dedicated children in the area. Treble Choir is for all girls and boys with unchanged voices between the ages of 8 and 13. Treble Choir students attend rehearsal once per week in which they are learning to read music, use healthy singing techniques, sing in harmony, interpret and perform music in various languages and styles from a wide variety of cultures.

Treble Choir is for everyone. This program has been developed with the philosophy that ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN TO SING! All children are welcome in this choir. These students are building musicianship and confidence and we foster a strong sense of community and support between all choir members. Every child and every voice is valued.

If your 8-13 year old loves to sing, this will be their home away from home.

In support of the fundamental belief that this choir is based upon, "all children can sing!", this is a non-auditioned choir. Given support, guidance, technical instruction and appreciation, all children can develop the techniques to sing beautifully and with confidence.

Scholarships are available for families expressing financial need.

Rehearsals: Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Location: The Music Studio of Patricia Keith
10 S. Reading Avenue
Boyertown, PA 19512

Calendar 2017-2018
Classes and Lessons Begin Sunday, Sept 10th - First rehearsal is September 11th

Performance at Reading Royals Halloween Game: Sunday, October 29th (Treble Choir, Honor Choir)

Wings of Hope Benefit Concert: November 4th and 5th (rehearsal and show Nov 4; matinee Nov 5) (Treble Choir, Honor Choir, Berks Vocal Arts)

Tuesday, November 21st 6:30 p.m. performance at Frederick Living (call time TBA) (Treble Choir, Singing Time)

Stay tuned for details regarding our New York Trip over Martin Luther King Jr weekend 2018

Tentative Concert and Rehearsal Dates:
Thursday, May 31 Studio Vocal Concert Rehearsal Church of Good Shepherd UCC (evening times TBA for each group/5 to 9 p.m.; each group will have a shorter block of rehearsal time) Singing Time, Treble Choir, Honor Choir, Berks Vocal Arts

Sunday, June 3 Studio Vocal Concert 6 p.m. Church of the Good Shep. UCC
BVA arrive 3:30; HC Arrive 4 p.m. Treble Choir: arrive 4:30 Singing Time: arrive 5 p.m. (Treble Choir and Singing Time please eat an early dinner before arriving to concert warm-up; HC and BVA bring bagged dinner)

*Additional Performances throughout our community (Dates TBA)

The Studio will be closed on these dates:
Monday, Nov 27 Thanksgiving Break
Mondays Dec 25 & Jan 1 Winter Break
Monday Jan 19 Martin Luther King Jr Day
Monday, Feb 19 President's Day
Monday, April 2 Spring Break
Monday, May 28 Memorial Day Weekend

$25 Annual Registration
$58 in 10 payments (cash discounted rate: $55)

If you choose to pay tuition in full for the year in advance, you receive a 5% discount

Receive an additional discount when you refer a friend who is new to the studio! Each of you receive $5 off every month that you are both enrolled in vocal classes. Details:
An opportunity to earn up to a $50 yearly credit: current students refer a student/family who is new to the music studio and BOTH OF YOUR FAMILIES receive $5 off tuition each month. This is ongoing and can begin at any point in the year that you refer someone who joins Singing Time (or another voice class or choir). *Please send Ms. Trish a message so that she can apply this to your account and you and your friend can begin earning this special rebate*

Tuition procedure:
Tuition is the same monthly rate regardless of how many weeks are in the month.
Tuition is not a per class fee. There are 10 tuition payments for the coming school year:
September (paid at time of enrollment: $58 for Sept plus $25 registration fee), October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, March 1 , April, 1 May 1, 2018 and May 21, 2017
(There is a $30 returned check fee and a $5 late fee for tuition payments not received by the 10th of the month.)
There are no refunds or credits for student missed classes.
In order to perform in the concert, students' tuition accounts must be up to date. Thanks!

Tuition payments may be made in cash, check or credit card. Please submit tuition at or before the first class of the month in an envelope with your child's name on the front. Credit Card payments may be made via the link on the studio website. Thank you!

To enroll: fill out the form below and submit Sept tuition plus registration fee (plus $20 for choir shirt, if needed). Pro-rated tuition when beginning mid-month is possible; be sure to ask.
Anyone who needs financial assistance to enroll in vocal programs in the studio, please ask. We can come up with a payment/tuition schedule/rate for your family.

Email for information on other vocal programs, such as Berks Vocal Arts (grades 8-12), Honor Choir (grades 7-12), Treble Choir (ages 8-13), and Middle School and High School Voice Classes.

Absence policy: Due to the importance of teamwork in a highly-achieving performance ensemble, Treble Choir students will need to have regular attendance. Students may not be allowed to perform if they miss the rehearsal that precedes any performance. Any student who misses more than 6 rehearsals in a school year session may be asked to discontinue enrollment as it will be difficult to catch up on the material covered. Any student/family with extenuating circumstances should speak with Mrs. Keith directly so that special accommodations might be made if possible. All rules and guidelines are designed to maximize the experience for each and every student and we work with every family in any situation.

When a student needs to miss a rehearsal, please be sure to send a message to the director ASAP. Thank you!

I promise you this will be a powerful experience for your children! I am very dedicated to their success and to giving them the highest quality experience where they can grow as musicians and most important, as confident young people celebrating their joy and talents with the world.

For more information on the music studio of Patricia Keith including professional biography, testimonials, programs and more, go to And be sure to "like" The Music Studio of Patricia Keith on Facebook to receive updates and news.

I look forward to another fantastic season with some of my favorite singers in the world! :)

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