9th Annual Seed Librarians Summit - 2019
Please fill in if you plan on attending. The Seed Library Summit is held annually at the National Heirloom Expo, http://theheirloomexpo.com/. We meet from 4-6PM on the Wednesday of the summit. This year that is September 11th. The location is set to be behind the administrative building on their patio. We asked for a different venue because it's very close to the freeway and hard to hear conversations. So we will meet there, then move to an area further away from the freeway.

There are some great talks during the National Heirloom Expo.. Filling in this form will make it easier for us to preprint name tags and make it easier for us to break into groups for the second part of the meeting. If you would like to add a short bio that would make it easier for us to get to know each other. This will be shared with participants.

Quick intros: celebrations and challenges
World Café: break into discussion groups based on interests/needs

The summit is free with the cost of admission to the Expo, which is $15. Thanks.
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The seed library summit will be on the National Heirloom program, but we'll send out an email reminder about time, location, and agenda.
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Café Style Meeting Ideas: The second part of our meeting is going to be an organic process of talking about topics folks would like to discuss. Folks can join groups based on interest. Below if you could let us know what topics are of interest this would help facilitate the process so we can have more times in groups. Expressing an interest or sharing an idea does not mean you are committing to being part of that group during the café.
Any comments? Agenda items? Other ideas for the World Café?
Would you be willing to help with the seed swap?
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If you can help with the seed swap, what day(s) are you attending the Heirloom Expo?
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