Online Senate Application 2020-2021
Senate Application

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in OVHS Senate! Please read the below information regarding the responsibilities that will be associated with this upcoming year's Senate and your individual responsibility to participating, hosting, and collaborating with our OVHS community. Please have this application filled out by June 1, 2020.
This year, Senate will be participating in helping host WOW Week and your early responses allow us enough time to plan.


This petition must be filled out and submitted by Friday, June 1st by 3 PM.
Candidates are responsible for complying with all regulations. Any violation may result in the removal from the list of candidates for senate. Candidates must have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 to be able to participate.

As a member of Senate, you will be required to:

1. Attend all Senate meetings (typically once every two weeks) and be active in communicating through Remind and through school emails
2. Speak for your class and give input to make sure all students interests are represented.
3. Organize 4 fundraisers per year (All of Senate will be responsible to participate). These funds go to your class.
4. Participate and help host the Food Fair (This includes helping setup, working booths, and tearing-down), March Madness, Ping-Pong tournament, and WOW Week.,
5. Develop posters for class walls and participate in major events hosted by the school, such as, but not limited to, Clash of Classes, the Walsh Memorial MS Walk, Prom, etc.
6. Develop school activities and participate in school activities planned by ASB such as lunch time activities, rally activities, Walsh Memorial MS Walk, contribute to We Are OVHS Instagram account, etc.
7. Secure participants and volunteer to participate in class competitions during rallies and major activities, fundraisers, etc.
8. Attend and participate in: all rally setups (typically Thursday evenings from 5PM to 8PM and/or Friday mornings from 6AM to 8AM) and tear-downs (after the rally), all dance set-ups and tear-downs, and in any event that your president asks for your participation.

Candidates Must Be:

1. Committed to contributing to school spirit and motivated to help positively change the culture of the school.
2. Able to commit to the above tasks that Senate will be responsible for.
3. Willing to participate and work hard in all duties.
4. Able to balance school work with the responsibilities of Senate and other responsibilities such as work and sports and family.
5. Capable of giving and following directions, and communicating with others.
6. Able to set high goals for their respective class and student body.
7. Responsible to their community and respectful of the efforts of their peers
8. Realistic and truthful in their reasons for wanting to participate in Senate
9. Committed to prioritizing major events and activities.

Failure to fulfill the above mentioned will result in your removal from Senate.

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