2020 Media Awards Nominations
Did you see any movies or TV shows, listen to podcasts, or read books last year that really captured an authentic Muslim experience, stirred a social movement, or engaged communities to work for justice? Here's your chance to recognize them for their work by nominating them for a Media Award!

This Spring we will celebrate the chosen nominees at the 29th Annual Media Awards, where we honor artists, actors, activists and executives who use art and media to create authentic, nuanced portrayals of Islam and Muslims, promote diversity and social justice, and inspire action.

Nominations close on January 24th.

Here are the nomination requirements:

Film: Must have been released in major markets (New York, Los Angeles or Chicago) or on a major digital platform (Hulu, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon, etc.)

Television: Must have aired on a national or cable network or digital platform

Music: Must be a music artist or entertainer with an established career and fan base

Books: Must have been published by a recognizable publisher

Theater: Must have been staged in an equity theater

New Media: Must be original work produced on a new media platform (podcast, web series, etc.)

*Please include the name of the project or artist and a link to the nominated material.
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Thank you for submitting your nominations!
We are excited to find out which projects inspired you last year!

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