Surprise Book Bag Request - Tell Us What You Like
Not sure what you want from the library? We'll put a mystery bag together for you! It will be as much fun for us to assemble as it will for you to read, watch, listen and enjoy! Adults and teens are limited to 5 items. Children up to 12 are limited to 10 items.
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Please note that Learning Made Fun Kits have multiple parts to them. They include books and activities that could contain many small pieces that you will have to inventory before and after use.
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Pickup Hours
Monday: 10:15am-4:45pm
Tuesday: 12:15-6:45pm
Wednesday: 10:15am-4:45pm
Thursday: 12:15-6:45pm
Friday: 10:15am-4:45pm
Saturday: 10:15am-2:45pm
Sunday: Closed

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