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Antescofo allows you to recreate your favourite music or song, by adapting high-quality content in real-time to your performance. Whether you are a musician or not... . Antescofo will follow you in real-time on any instrument and adapt accompaniment content with high-quality audio on-the-fly!
You play a music instrument?
With Antescofo mobile products, you can play your favourite pieces with famous ensembles and orchestras, at home, at your own speed and as you like!
You don't play a music instrument? Just sing!
Sing your favourite song! No need to be able to read music.. just sing your favourite tune, at your own speed and key.. and create your own Cover Song!
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We will do our best to include your requests in our initial catalog! Be as precise as possible. Example: Mozart Piano Concerto #20 (on Piano), or Beatles "Hey Jude" (on singing). Include as many pieces as you like... .
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