Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation Registration for Religious Exploration
This is the official form for Children and Youth. Thank you for taking the time to fill it out. It helps us not only plan and be safe, but to get to know your family better and care for you better.

Families are glorious and come in all shapes and sizes. Please fill this form out for each child. If some of the answers are the same, you can type "refer to <insert first child's name> and we'll take care of it.  If we have questions, we'll contact you.
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Child's First Name *
Child's Last Name *
Pronouns *
Age and Grade *
What should we know to best care for your child? (Medical alerts, allergies, learning needs, etc)
Custodial Situation
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Other Custodial Situation
If there any custodial issues we should be aware of and/or anyone NOT allowed to pick up or contact your child, please give instructions below or ask for someone to give you a call.
Primary Parent/Guardian ("primary" in this case meaning, the person who will be the one to receive emails/messages about the Religious Exploration program)
Primary Parent/Guardian Email
Primary Parent/Guardian Phone
Primary Parent/Guardian Home Address
Are you a member or pledging friend of TUUC?
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If you want more than one person to receive information about what is going on in Religious Exploration, please include their name and preferred contact information here.
Emergency Contact and Phone Number
Photo Release: do you consent to your child's picture being taken and shared on TUUC publications, website, Facebook, etc? *
Medical release: do you consent to emergency medical care being provided to your child until you can be contacted? *
Youth's email (by providing, you give permission for youth group adult volunteer team to email them in a group email.)
Youth's Phone  (by providing, you give permission for youth group adult volunteer team to email them in a group text.)
Please check all that apply
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