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• This is an individual Event.
• Event to be held in a three-round format.
1. Preliminary
2. Semi-finals
3. finals
• Questions will be from C, C++.
ROUND 1:- Preliminary(Beat the bug)
• The participants will be provided with some programs containing errors.
• The participants have to detect those errors, fix them and execute the programs.
ROUND 2:- Semi-Finals(Blind Coding)
• Each participant has to write the code for the problem statement, with MONITOR OFF.
• Participants whose code gets executed will be given higher preference.
• The second preference will be given to code which has the least number of errors.
ROUND 3:- Finals(Code Breaker)
• Contestants will be given real-life problems and each line in the code was scattered within their computer.
• Participants have to find the code, join them correctly and execute it.
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