2018 FLYSET FTC Summer Chassis Study Project
FLYSET(@flyset_org) and FTC team #8565 (@Technicobts) are planning to organize a summer chassis study project with local FTC teams to help train the teams on the basic design of the robot chassis, CAD modeling and programming control. Here are some of typical chassis types that we will study:

- two wheel drive with omni wheels
- three wheel drive with side moving capability
- four wheel drive with disconnected, chain connected or gear connected wheels
- six wheel drive
- mecanum drive
- direction drive
- track drive

Veteran or rookie FTC teams are welcome to join us in the chassis study.

We are defining the standard tests to test the performance of the chassis under study and will provide the code template for conducting the test so all chassis will be undergoing the same type of test for comparison. For all teams participating in the project, we plan to have monthly meetings during May, June, July and August and end the project with an FTC workshop late August which is open to all local FTC teams. We are also planning to offer teams CAD modeling help in the project where we would like to promote the true engineering process of model first build next (PTC Creo parametric 4.0 is required). All teams will be working on the same shared engineering notebook to learn from each other.

Besides the project related work for FTC workshop, we would also like to invite teams to present for lessons learnt from past season and participate in panel discussion for rookie teams. Please indicate your interest accordingly in the questionnaire. We are looking forward to working with you throughout the summer and giving back together to FIRST community.

Please respond by 5/18/2018.

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