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Thank you for your interest in exploring our Intentional Neurodiversity Inclusive Hiring Services for your workgroup or organization.

Neurodiversity is the range of common differences in thinking and behavior which we now understand to be normal variations in humans. This includes conditions such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and others. Neurodiverse variations have played a central role in the development of human society, yet neurodiverse people have been historically misunderstood and marginalized as individuals. In our sessions, we use autism as a primary example to introduce a basic understanding of neurodiversity and of its role in society and within the workplace.

The majority of autistic people (now understood to be 1 in 54 individuals) are employable, yet only 29% have any sort of paid work. This is despite the fact that common autistic traits – such as intense attention to detail, self-taught expertise, high integrity, and ease in sustaining deep focus and ‘flow’ – are traits needed in an effective 21st Century workforce.

We can support you through all the stages and steps of undertaking the journey of intentional inclusion of neurodiversity in your workgroup or organization.

To discuss further your interest, please complete the form below and submit it. We will get in touch with you to discuss your interests and needs and agree on the next steps.

Thanks and looking forward to our discussion.
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