Mighty Miracles Story & Photo Release
I hereby give Mighty Miracles Foundation permission to use the photograph and/or story of my child or I that I have emailed for use in their Social Media ads, published on their website, and/or any marketing materials. I understand that the photo will become property of Mighty Miracles Foundation. A photo release must be completed for EACH individual in the photo. The release must be completed by their parent or legal guardian for pictures of anyone in the picture(s) under 18.

Email pictures to adickinson@mightymiraclesfoundation.org

Name of individual(s) in picture: *
Parent(s) name (if person is a minor): *
Email (list the email used to email the pictures): *
Describe the photos submitted (be detailed to so we can match the pictures):
By completing and electronically signing this form, I grant Mighty Miracles Foundation permission to use the photo of me or my minor child. *
I understand that I will not receive compensation for the use of my photo. *
I understand that by completing this form, I am granting Mighty Miracles Foundation the capability to edit the photo. *
Electronic Signature of Person in Photograph or Parent/Guardian of Minor *
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