Premier Comics Submissions - Issue 3
Here you can sign up to be part of the next issue of Premier Comics. Feel free to join our Discord, which we use to keep in contact and share important information.

Please leave only one submission per entry, you are able to make multiple entries.

Premier Comics does not allow pornographic submissions, but artistic nudity is acceptable as long as it is not in abundance.

We do not allow the submission of material owned by other individuals or companies. This means you cannot submit media involving characters or settings owned by others, nor may you use the likeness of celebrities or other individuals without their permission.

Comics may not be longer than 30 pages in length. Article lengths may be anywhere between two paragraphs to a page in length on A4 or similar sized paper.

We will have two "Progress Updates" before our final deadline. The first one (roughly three months from now, exact dates coming soon) will require a full script and at least SOME art. The second one (a few months after the first) requires you to have the majority of the art done.

Here are the deadlines for this issue:

The name of the submission.
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Name(s) of those on the project. If you do not want your real name used, you may use an internet handle.
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Briefly describe your submission. Please include the estimated page count of your submission.
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Please submit all names involved and what they do for the submission.
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How much content have you completed on your submission?
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Please list the website or social media you want to be applied with your submission for the Issue's credits page.
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