2018 Capitol Hill Block Party Confidential Neighborhood Survey
This is a confidential survey intended to illustrate to the City of Seattle the hardships faced by business owners and residents in and around the Capitol Hill Block Party footprint. For illustrative purposes, the 2018 CHBP festival map is shown below. Please share this survey with your neighbors, colleagues, employees, and tenants. Email addresses will not be saved. You are welcome to provide your name, business name, or the address of your building, but it is not required. Only one response per participant will be recorded. Please respond no later than Saturday December 15th, 2018 for your response to be recorded.
About Capitol Hill Block Party
CHBP is a private event held on public streets that benefits its owners at the cost of hundreds of thousands in business loss in its immediate vicinity. Business owners lose as much between $3,000 - $18,000 over the course of the weekend each year. Not only do the businesses lose, but many are forced to close and cannot pay their employees during their closure. As a result, CHBP not only impacts the business owners, but the many employees who rely on their earnings to cover their basic costs. The City of Seattle is working with the neighborhood to collect information on the hardships faced by the community as a result of this event. This is not about stopping the CHBP. This is about making sure the health of the community is top of mind when the City of Seattle issues a permit for an event on our streets.
Next Steps
Once this survey data is collected, it will be confidentially distributed to the City offices responsible for issuing the Special Events permit including but not limited to Department of Neighborhoods, Office of Economic Development, and Office of Film, Music + Special Events. These offices have made a commitment to present a resolution to the community within the next 6 weeks. If you would like to be in attendance at upcoming community meetings, please sign up for the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Forum by sending an email to: chbpforum@gmail.com
2018 Capitol Hill Block Party Festival Map
Are you a resident, business owner, employee, property owner, or business customer in the vicinity of Capitol Hill Block Party? Please check all that apply. *
Please describe in detail your experience during Capitol Hill Block Party weekend. By providing as much detail as possible, the City of Seattle will be able to respond more adequately to the hardships you and others face as a result of this event. *
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