Garbi's Beta Application
We're looking for Families & Individuals interested in testing our Smart Trash Can. For more information about Garbi, visit our website:

Who we're looking for:
- People who buy Groceries (Preferably via delivery service)

What we’re offering:
- Prototype (No Cost)
- Free grocery delivery

What we’re asking:
- 15 minutes of Feedback per week (generally via phone call or survey)
- Patience as we build out foundational features

Please note that we're starting in the San Francisco Bay Area, but will be expanding over time. We add more units every month, so you might be contacted several months after applying.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out directly:

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Personal Information
This helps us to figure out what kinds of people are most interested in Garbi.
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(i.e. Full Time Parent, Part time Accountant, Full Time Computer engineer, etc.)
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Setup Questions
Help us get to know your current setup, and how you go about grocery shopping.
What is your current trash/recycling/compost arrangement? *
Stand-Alone (e.g. Next to the fridge, island, etc.)
Built into cabinet
Under Sink
On Countertop
In Pantry
No Formal Container
Do you have a paid membership with any of the below grocery delivery services? *
How often do you use the following services? *
Multiple times per week
Grocery Delivery (Instacart, Amazon Fresh, etc.)
Restaurant Delivery (Door Dash, Uber eats, etc)
Meal Prep Delivery (Freshly, Plated, etc.)
In an average week, how many days/nights do you: *
Cook Dinner
Order Takeout
Eat Leftovers
Approximately how much do you spend in an average grocery purchase (If unsure, how much did you spend on your last grocery purchase?) *
In an average week, how many days do you: *
Go to the Grocery Store
Order Groceries Delivered
Longer Questions
I know it's a pain, but please answer at least 1 of these "optional" questions, as it gives us a chance to 1) get to know you and 2) see how you are about providing feedback, which is our primary objective during the beta.
Tell us about your current method of grocery shopping. For Example: How do you keep track of what you've run out of? Where do you go shopping? Why do you go shopping when you do? What services are you currently using to help with your process?
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Do you have any thoughts/questions/concerns about Garbi?
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