Rencon Prop Contest 2019
Event Timing: September 7th
Event Address: Renton Technical College
Contact us at

Thank you for entering the Rencon Prop Contest! This contest is a static display for prop builders to compete against one another.

1. All props must be con approved and checked in with our peace bonding table.
2. All prop weapons must conform to the Rencon Weapons Policy
3. No live steel (blades with sharpened edges) or harmful tools may be submitted.
4. Weapons, such as a bow with arrows, can be shown but must be secured in a display case and may only be present at the contest area.
5. All props must be available for judging 1 hour prior to the contest.
6. 75% of the Prop must be created by the contestant. (we understand you might purchase some parts from other artists but the final product must be designed & assembled by the contestant)
7. Props can be made of any type of material.
8. If a prop is too big for a table, please provide your own display.
9. You may include a short write up about the prop, how it was made and the materials for the judges to view at the time of judging.
10. Contestants must be present at the time of judging.
11. Props entered will be on display for the entirety of the convention.
11. Props may be picked up after 3:00pm, on Sunday.
12. Props must be picked up before the convention ends at 5:00pm. Props will not be secured after con hours.
13. Awards will be given out during the cosplay contest.

Failure to follow some of these rules may lead to disqualification.
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