J-Term 2020
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Gentle Yoga - Full this time. See you next time!
Led by FoC member Kim Motschenbacher. These sessions are free to new attendees – try it out! Appropriate for men and women of all ages and abilities. No experience necessary! Bring yoga mat, water, towel. Wear snug-fitting clothes that you can move in.
Mastering Your Mindset The Master’s Way
This class, led by Kim Motschenbacher, is perfect for you if: - you are age 13-100 and want to learn about mindset - want a more positive way to think - feel you want to do more - are interested in reinventing yourself - are transitioning to a new season of life - love personal growth stuff - are searching for change - feel like life’s great, but you love learning. Mindset is one of the hottest personal growth trends in the wellness arena.We’ll use Elizabeth Nader’s book Master Your Mindset The Master’s Way, as a springboard for discussion. The author states, "A powerful mindset is a proven and effective way of living, thinking, and working while using your unique gifts and talents to flourish in your life.”Join us as we discuss limiting beliefs, how to make changes towards our destiny and exploring God’s purpose for us. If you want to buy the book, great! If not, that’s great too! Whether you’re new to the idea of mindset or have studied it a bit, come and learn and/or share ideas!While Kim does not claim to be an expert on mindset, she’s had some life events that have led her to investigate ways to heal and become more positive.
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Parenting Kids with Anxiety
Erin Kassebaum, MS, LAMFT, will talk about what anxiety is, how it impacts kids, and common symptoms and behaviors exhibited by kids struggling with anxiety. She will also talk about how parents can help their children manage anxiety by developing coping skills, building resiliency and managing their own anxiety.Erin earned her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. She is a licensed therapist who specializes in working with families, children and adults in transition at The Bridging Center in Edina. Erin is also a trained Mediator and Parenting Consultant, helping parents in conflict make child-focused decisions during and after divorce. Choose from two identical sessions.There will be opportunity for follow-up questions/discussion at the 7:30 hour each evening.
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Quilting Intro
Led by FoC members Lynne Merrick & Julie Thomsen
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REVELATION: Finding meaning in the very challenging final book of the Bible
Revelation is a rich book of the Bible to study. Though many passages are mysterious and difficult to understand, we do learn that God is profoundly concerned with the plight of the world, and remains faithful even amid the ordeals, tribulations, and plagues of the present and future. God is also exalted in the highest heavens, and brings about a renewed creation. In the end, the promise that Jesus will return is our reason for hope, anticipation, and expectation. Join Pastor Josh in a three-session introduction to the mysterious Book of Revelation. Class participants should bring a Bible, notebook and pen.
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Scout Religious Emblem Badge
Join us to play games and talk about faith. Led by Andie, Minister to Youth and Families, and overseen by Pastor Josh Nelson, classes are for all denominations* to build community together. These awards are recognized by Scouts BSA and Girl Scouts of America but students do NOT need to be scouts to earn this award. The cost of this class is $15 to cover the workbook, pin, and supplies. Families can opt for the Medallion (additional $5) or the patch instead of/in addition to the pin (families responsible for additional items). Adult volunteers are appreciated! *We are offering this class in an ecumenical way. Awards are available to all faiths.
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Spiritual Practices
To be spiritual is to be human. Spirituality isn’t static or fixed it is alive and dynamic and is best expressed through application of spiritual practices or disciplines. This J-term class will explore how small, everyday rituals can bring comfort, ease anxieties, create better lifestyle habits, and set positive intentions while also enabling us to slowly uncover a deeper purpose, a purpose that God has always intended. Please join Pastor Kimberly as we explore helpful and usable practices that will make a difference in your life and perhaps someone else’s too.
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Teen Vision Board
Always looking to the future? Haven’t thought about it much? What’s next? Join us to make a vision board to visualize your goals & dreams! In this Vision Board Workshop, Christa will guide participants through a series of exercises to envision and visually articulate their dreams and goals. Each week will have prayer, a Bible verse discussion and working on a 2020 vision board. All materials will be provided. Participants should bring a favorite photo of themselves. Led by FoC member Christa Haeg, who is a personal development junkie and has led and participated in many goal-setting and visioning exercises and workshops. Her engaging, enthusiastic and personable approach brings out the brightest dreams in people of all ages!
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Wood Whittling
Join Mark to whittle away the hours at FoC! Come one or more nights! Create your choice of an Owl, Penguin or Snowman OR create a personalized caricature *Appropriate for ages 10 and up – parents are encouraged to attend with their child as they see fit* Bring your own supplies or borrow some from Mark. Drop in anytime during all 3 Mondays, 6:15-8:30pm
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FoC Yoga Dudes(for the dude who wants to practice yoga with other less-flexible dudes)
We will learn a few gentle yoga postures that will increase flexibility and balance while learning to appreciate and be in the present moment. No experience necessary! Bring yoga mat, water, towel. Wear snug-fitting clothes that you can move in. Led by FoC member Kim Motschenbacher. No charge for this 3 week series.
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Yoga for Middle School & High School
The middle school and high school years present many new challenges to young people. Yoga provides tools (physically, mentally, and emotionally) that students can use to guide themselves through into adulthood. While building strength and flexibility, increasing balance, and learning to listen to their breath, students will also develop techniques to handle stress. Classes will be designed to help students learn and practice focus, concentration, gratitude, and the ability to make choices that are respectful of themselves and others.Jennifer left her corporate job in 2010 to pursue her passion to teach and share yoga with others. Jennifer received her yoga teacher training from the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. Her teaching style focuses on using the breath as a bridge between the mind and the body. Her goal for yoga students is to offer tools that they can bring with them off their mats and into their lives. Off the mat, Jennifer is a wife to Nick and a mother to three awesome kiddos, Alanna, Avery and Cole
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