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Thank you for sharing your experiences of discrimination in the workplace. Employers, employees, and freelance are welcome to share their stories. Please participate by contributing first-person experiences. If you know of an act of discrimination against another person, encourage them to share first-person with us themselves in the survey below. We appreciate in advance your generosity of experience. In our report we will remove all identifiers if a quote is used strictly providing anonymity.

If you prefer to submit an audio testimony, please send the file via MP3 to with the subject: Account of Discrimination in US Theatre
What is your primary theatrical discipline?
Are you primarily freelance or resident/permanently employed?
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What is your level of education in your primary discipline?
Did your parent-artist experience with discrimination happen in the United States?
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If relevant, was the source of discrimination individual or was it an act of an institution?
At what stage of parenting did you experience discrimination? (select all that apply)
If applicable, at what level of institution did the discrimination take place?
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Please share the story of your experience with discrimination in the theatre as a parent-artist:
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What best describes the Human Resources support provided at this time?
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What best describes the legal assistance you received?
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What best describes the union support you received?
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How long ago did this act of discrimination take place?
What resources do you wish you had/would you like to see made available in the future?
Thank you for sharing your experiences! We are working to reduce the events of discrimination in the performing arts and find more inclusive practices for parent-artists. Visit to keep in touch. If comfortable, share your email below to receive updates on our efforts and opportunities:
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